Thursday, September 29, 2011

Archimede, you Superstar

Buoyancy Swimming suits by Archimede

The summer may be officially over, yet, ARCHIMEDE's beach wear can come handy during those winter-time swimming lessons for toddlers and older kids who need extra safety. Practical, intelligent,    comfortable and safe, the buoyant swimming suit enables youngsters  to learn easily how to swim. 

The Archimede buoyancy swimming costume is a pretty alternative to arm floats. It allows the child to enjoy the water. That’s because he feels supported and safe. The buoyancy swimming costume will quickly help him to learn swim. The position of the floats across his chest allows the young swimmer to adapt the ideal position in the water. His movements are free and not disturbed by arm floats.

At the beginning of the “exercises” all 8 floats are inserted the bathing suit. When the child learned the fundamental basics of “how to swim” and gets more and more safe in “swimming”, one float after another can be taken of the swimsuit. At the sucessful end, no floats will be needed anymore and the child has learned in an easy way, how to swim!

The floats are removable and the prices and sizes vary. Check out the amazing collection of swimming gear and accessories for boys and girls: so very Saint Tropez/Club Med for stylish lilliputians...