Monday, January 14, 2013

Travel Diaries: Copenhagen in Colour

When in Copenhagen,
appreciate the 1000 shades of grey

 explore Nyhavn day & night

treat yourself a pint  

invest in Danish design items

cycle to your heart's content 

keep up with popular culture and bemoan the perils of globalization

take a stroll along the port after midnight

be a peeping Tom

resurrect your inner child at Tivoli

walk the empty Sunday morning streets

become a serial eater of shawarmas and falafels because this is probably the only food you can afford here

remember the Lego legacy

discover Christiania

taste hot chocolate & fresh bread loafs (together)

see Nyhavn in daylight and at night

join the neighbours' party

celebrate 2013

trace H.C.Andersen's residencies along Nyhavn

imagine they were mine

stand still in front of the bogwoman

decipher the meaning of life on burial stones

afford a glass of the best herbal tea of the century at the National Museum

be sociable

take your time

sail the Nordic seas...

like another Odysseus (translated in Danish)