Wednesday, April 02, 2014

Children of Zeus+Δione

“And now bright Aphrodite fell at the knees of her mother, Dione, who gathered her daughter into her arms' fold and stroked her with her hand and called her by name and spoke to her. ”Who now of the Ouranian gods, dear child, has done such things to you, rashly, as if you were caught doing something wicked? 

In Homer’s The Iliad, Aphrodite, wounded by mortal Diomedes in Troy, comes to her mother, the Titaness Dione on Olympos to be consoled and cured.  For being the child of gods is not easy, unless you are the goddess of eternal beauty, desire, procreation, and love. 

Fast forward almost three millennia and this is apt: not merely standing upon but rather evolving between myth and reality, Zeus’ and Dione’s divine union that produced Aphrodite according to Greek mythology still lives on. In Athens, Greece, the myth-making processes are revivified in the formula of a return to tradition as envisioned by the luxury Greek brand Zeus+Δione. Pioneers and Z+Δ founders Dimitra Kolotoura and Mareva Grabowski, masterfully turn Grecian folklore pieces, accessories and archetypal Greek concepts into contemporary statement design forms celebrating the Hellenic legacy of clean lines, symmetry, and soft silhouettes. Zeus+Δione designer Lydia Vousvouni presents the ultimate style statement for the impressive S/S 2014 collection: enchanting accessories, fashion forward garments and even design furniture that draws exclusively from the vast repository of the Hellenic heritage. Looking at the Z+Δ key traits, it’s as if this heritage has been radically redefined, with its best elements bravely reinterpreted.

Featuring enchanting handmade luxury products largely informed by the diachronic charm,  flawlessness, geometry and “unparalleled richness” of the Hellenic spirit is at the very heart of this newly established and highly acclaimed Greek design brand. What Zeus+Δione are performing is a radical encounter with Greek tradition and innovation at the same time. Unearthing textile techniques of modernity-meets-tradition craftsmanship and rare artisan skills that were either forgotten or long considered outmoded, Zeus+Δione do not just give a new breath of life to the Greek folk aesthetic: the inception is to deconstruct it from its foundations on novel, eclectic, innovatively crafted, ground-breaking territory. Refined thread processing, meticulous handmade trimmings and weaving, detailed embroidery, stunning hand crochets, silk yarns and looms from Soufli, skilled women embroidering from Attica, others weaving and stitching in Crete and Metsovo, Athenian silversmiths crafting minute details, premium materials and local craftsmen from the North to the South of Greece, all unanimously rebuild the Z+Δ mythic cosmos from scratch. This time round, the divine union might well be said to have given rise to a return to beauty, its preservation and its reimagining.

Zeus+Δione gains momentum also internationally as the Greek style powerhouse that bases its premises on tradition and innovation while creating bespoke contemporary Greek design of mythic proportions that is globally appealing. An epic endeavor and a myth in the making, the sublime Z+Δ creates a postmodern effortless minimalism of Doric proportions from Athens to Milan, Berlin, London, New York, Istanbul, as far as Riyadh.

Lovers of this Greek fashion revolution, the children of Zeus+Δione, will be easy to spot, ethereal, elegant, sophisticated, timeless, strolling around downtown Athens and the Greek islands this summer.  And if you find yourself in Ireland you might spot another loyal child of the almighty Zeus+Δione...

You can find Zeus+Δione here.

PS: My Zeus+Δione precious eye charm-pendant beholds the beauty of the Irish countryside. Enjoy the glimpses.

Tuesday, April 01, 2014

April Fool and some notes on lying

The possibilties that exist between two people, or among a group of people, are a kind of alchemy.  They are the most interesting things in life.  The liar is someone who keeps losing sight of these possibilities. 
When relationships are determined by manipulation, by the need for control, they may possess a dreary, bickering kind of drama, but they cease to be interesting.  They are repititious; the shock of human possibilities has ceased to reverberate through them.
When someone tells me a piece of the truth which has been withheld from me, and which I needed in order to see my life more clearly, it may bring acute pain, but it can also flood me with a cold, sea-sharp wash of relief. Often such truth comes by accident, or from strangers.
It isn’t that to have an honorable relationship with you, I have to understand everything, or tell you everything at once, or that I can know, beforehand, everything I need to tell you.
It means that most of the time I am eager, longing for the posssibility of telling you. That these possibilities may seem frightening, but not destructive, to me.  That I feel strong enough to hear your tentative and groping words.  That we both know we are trying, all the time, to extend the possibilities of truth between us.
 The possibility of life between us.
Adrienne Rich, Women and Honor: Some Notes on Lying (1975). 

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Utopia elena.k Giveaway!/Διαγωνισμός

Τα κοσμήματα της Ελληνίδας σχεδιάστριας Έλενας Κουγιανού είναι πολύ ιδιαίτερα και έφτασαν και αυτά μέχρι την ακτή του ανοιξιάτικου σμαραγδένιου νησιού, στην Ιρλανδία. Προσωπική μεγάλη αδυναμία το κομψό βραχιόλι Aura που αποτελεί το αντικείμενο του πόθου σε αυτόν τον διαγωνισμό. Το BabogMoro σε συνεργασία με τα UTOPIA elena.k το κάνουμε δώρο σε σας! Για να πάρετε μέρος διαβάστε περισσότερες πληροφορίες εδώ
Ο διαγωνισμός λήγει στις 12 Απριλίου και για να είναι έγκυρη η συμμετοχή σας θα πρέπει να κάνετε όλα τα βήματα! 
Καλή επιτυχία!

The jewelry by Greek designer Elena Kougianou are very special and they as well reached the shores of the springly emerald isle, in Ireland. Personal soft spot, this elegant Aura bracelet that constitutes the object of desire in this competition/giveaway. BabogMoro in collaboration with Utopia elena.k are giving it away for you! In order to take part in the competition all you need to do is read here.
The competition runs until the 12th of April and your participation is valid only when you follow all of the above steps! 

Best of luck! Luck Maith !!!!!!

Friday, March 21, 2014

The Sun of a Beach Does Dublin

“When it was dark, you always carried the sun in your hand for me.”
― Seán O'CaseyThree More Plays: The Silver Tassie, Purple Dust, Red Roses For Me

The Forty Foot awe-inspiring curvy eroded rocks welcome the Sun of a Beach to a cloudy Ireland.

On St.Patrick's Day, I did not just choose to watch the parade extravaganza in downtown Dublin. The Irish sun was playing for yet another day "hide and seek" with my high expectations but  the futile date did not break my sun-hunting spirit. A visit to the Forty Foot in Dublin acted as a sort of cathartic pilgrimage to my overloaded mind. With me I fetched my new soft "friend" from home Athens, Greece, my Sun of a Beach towel. Founded by two beautiful, hard-working and summer-loving Greek women, fashion designer Melina Pispa and stylist Ellie Rountou, Sun of a Beach, the company that bears the familiar sea urchin as its logo, is a premium line of beach towels with a twist exclusively designed for the style-savvy beach bum, Melina and Ellie informed me upon their return from their successful Paris show where they exhibited their unique products last month.   

Melina Pispa & Ellie Rountou, AKA the Sun of a Beach duo extraordinaire

Made in Greece of stone beige 100% super soft Egyptian cotton, my 95cm x 145cm lush beach towel with the eye-catching summer-themed print from the "Heart Urchin" collection, harmoniously blended in the historic suburban Dún Laoghaire seascape. Depicting sand dunes and blue skies tinted with hazy clouds here and there, the printed cotton fabric on the one side of the towel works as an aesthetically pleasing generous canvas that has also a practical purpose: it is exceptionally smooth, absorbent, comfy, pretty and indulgent. It also comes with a very snazzy burlap bag with the ingenious sea urchin emblem and logo that can be used as a beach bag: 2 in 1! And they are not just for the summer but for all year round, for boys and girls. Recently, a new collection for children (Little Urchin) and babies (Baby Urchin) was inaugurated.  

The only thing that is left is for the sun to appear at last and I am gone again with my Sun of the Beach cosy companion and my surf board. To be continued, then. 

See you at the beach!


Find your favourite Sun of a Beach towels on our eshop:

or at the following stores:

ATTICA, Golden Hall, 37A Kifissias av., Marousi, Athens, +30 211 1814000

POP UP STORE, 2 Patriarchou Ioakeim, Kolonaki, Athens, Greece, +30 210 7238981

A LA MODE, 27 I.Metaxa, Glifada, Athens, Greece, +30 210 8982024

A LA MODE, 38, Sotiros, Piraeus, Athens, Greece, +30 210 4221946

ZALI, Antiparos Agora, Greece, +30 22840 61717

BELVEDERE Hotel, Mykonos, Greece, +30 22890 25122

DETROIT, 6-8 Kiriazi Str, Kifisia, Greece, +30 210 6232886

JETBLACK, Limanaki Naousa, Agora Parikia, Paros Island, Greece, +30 2840 23877

ROOM 96, 96 Filoktitou str, Ilion, Athens, Greece, +30 2102692822

SOTRIS MYKONOS, 12 Matoyianni, Myconos, Greece, +30 2289077213

ZAFEIRIA, Chora Patmos, Greece tel:+30 2247033373

KIKA BEACH, Paralia Vrahatiou, Greece tel: +30 27410 55120

L'ILE CHAUSEE, Apolonia, Sifnos, Greece tel: +30 22840 33922

FENA FRESH, Pavlou Mela 8, Thesaloniki, Greece tel: +30 2310 257447

MYRTO , Ethikis Adistaseos 4 Ierapetra, Crete, Greece, tel: +30 28420 27275

C de C by Cordelia de Castellane, Irodotou 24, Kolonaki, Athens, Greece, tel +30 210 7291011, Kasaveti 19, Kifisia, Athens, Greece, tel +30 210 8086808

APRESKI, Nikiforou Theotoki 61, Kerkira, Greece, +30 26610 39975

Friday, March 14, 2014

Electra Returns at NUIG

The Chorus and Electra: Laura Webb, Evelyn Noctor, Annie Clery, Georgina Ganly, Samira Barar, Niamh Ryan, and Jessica Watts.
Annie Clery as Electra and Oisin Robbins as Orestes in the successful production of Frank McGuinness' version of Sophocles' Electra directed by Charlotte McIvor at NUIG as part of Theatre Week.

Sophocles' "Electra" in an adaptation by Frank McGuinness
Directed by Dr.Charlotte McIvor
RETURNS due to popular demand
Wednesday, March 19 and Thursday, March 20 at 8PM
Bailey Allen Hall
Tickets ON SALE from this morning at 11AM at the Socs Box
Spread the word and get your tickets!
more information here.

Friday, February 28, 2014

Fisika Giveaway

"In all things of nature there is something of the marvelous." Or to paraphrase Aristotle in all products by Fisika there is something of the marvelous. The new skincare obsession has, indeed, a name and it is Grεεk and Gloβal love at first sight! Fisika (naturally), I am talking about Fisika, the handmade Cretan personal care products I introduced you to a few weeks ago, remember? From Crete to Dublin and as far as Melbourne, the Fisika products gain momentum for their radical philosophy on skincare using organic ingredients from the "full of Gods" Cretan nature. 

A spring overhaul for post-winter skin is never a bad idea. So, as you emerge from your wooly jumpers and hats and gloves, invest in natural extra care from Fisika. I have been using the anti-wrinkle face cream with rose, the revitalising face cream with lavender, the hydrating body cream with jasmine and lavender, and the chocolate and jasmine olive oil soap for the last week and I already feel their lavishly hydrating and toning qualities.

The rose and lavender face creams are made out of beeswax and organic olive oil, plumping up the skin refreshingly while the natural fragnances of roses, sandalwood, neroli essential oils, lavender, and frankincense essential oils, respectively, envelop the skin into a nurturing coat of vitality and protection. I wear them before going to bed and next morning my skin is fully hydrated, toned, and fresh without showing signs of tiredness. In addition, the beeswax components aid towards maintaining skin elasticity and firmness simultaneously. 

In the morning, after showering, I apply the hydrating body cream with jasmine and lavender on my skin, especially around the drier areas of the knees, wrists, and elbows. The pervading scent of jasmine blended with aromas of lavender and the beneficial attributes of chamomile and carrot oil make this body cream an essential beauty product for every one. Male or female. Let alone that it works miracles after showers and after sunbathing (looking forward to trying it in the context of the latter). I also rub a bit of the rose face cream around my wrists. The chocolate and jasmine soap is mildly scented and works more as a natural cleanser. I love its simplicity and natural wisdom reminiscent of old-school natural soap-making like the ones our grannies used to wash their hair with.

The scents of Greece straight on my skin. 

Spring is at our threshold and BabogMoro is giving you the chance to feel, smell, and experience the marvelous qualities of the Fisika personal care products. We are giving away two sets of Fisika gifts for two different winners. 

One lucky friend will win a Revitalising Face Cream with Lavender & an Orange Soap by Fisika,
Another will win the Men's Face Cream with Juniper & a Coffee + Vanilla Soap by Fisika!

All you have to do is the following:

1. LIKE the BabogMoro Facebook page here.

2. LIKE the Fisika facebook page here.

3. LIKE the photo of the Giveaway that you will find here and SHARE in public on your facebook (and do not delete until the end of the Giveaway term).

Only entries that follow all of the above steps will be considered.

The Giveaway will run until the 15th of March 2014 at 00:00 Greek time (22:00 Irish time).

The two lucky winners will be announced after that.

and Fisika,

Καλή Επιτυχία/ Best of luck/ Luck Maith !!!!!! 

Το BabogMoro χαρίζει στους φίλους του προιόντα προσωπικής φροντίδας Fisika!!!!! Για να κερδίσετε ακολουθήστε τα παρακάτω βήματα:

1. Κάντε LIKE στη σελίδα BabogMoro.
2. Κάντε LIKE στη σελίδα Fisika.
3. Κάντε LIKE στη φωτογραφία που θα βρείτε εδώ και κοινοποιήστε δημόσια (SHARE) στον τοίχο σας μέχρι την λήξη του διαγωνισμού στις 15 Μαρτίου 2014, ώρα Ελλάδας 00:00.

Kai Fisika,

Καλή Επιτυχία/ Best of luck/ Luck Maith !!!!!!

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Friday, February 14, 2014

365-366 days of love

τὰ ἄνθη πάντα Ἔρωτος ἔργα, τὰ φυτὰ πάντα τούτου ποιήματα, διὰ τοῦτον καὶ ποταμοὶ ῥέουσι καὶ ἄνεμοι πνέουσιν·
all the flowers are made by Eros, these trees are his work, he makes the rivers flow and the winds blow.


Red Heart Print on 1910′s Harmsworth encyclopaedia Page

 Ring engraved with Longus' lines from Daphnis and Chloe 2nd century AD @The Museum of Cycladic Art Shop

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Cinnamon & Butter cookies

                                                   Homework pays off:

1 cup sugar
3 egg yolks
1/2 softened butter (unsalted)
2 cups plain flour
2 tbsp milk
1/2 teaspoon baking powder
a pinch of salt
1-2 teaspoons of cinnamon

In a bowl, mix together the butter and the sugar until creamed.  Add the egg yolks and the milk and stir. in a separate bowl, mix the flour, cinnamon, baking powder, and salt and add into the butter  mix, stirring well. wrap the dough in cling film and chill for 2 hours at least.Preheat oven at 170 degrees celsius.flour  a tin and cut out biscuits from the rolled dough. keep the biscuits 2 cm. apart from each other. bake for 10-14 minutes . they might look to you as non baked but they are , they shouldn't be left longer than that.

Thursday, February 06, 2014

Monday, February 03, 2014

The Real Intellectuals and How to Become One: An Ode to Contemporary Greek Design.

The Real Intellectuals might humbly profess that they fancy getting their "hands dirty" while standing by whimsically to observe "what comes out of it,"but you should expect no less than immaculate, authentic, breaking ground, sustainable craftsmanship and an aesthetic invested with a corporate responsibility that elevates Greek street wear design to higher strata of appreciation. Founded in 2012 in Athens, Greece, the TRI team is inspired by "the long road" of a creative quest, an honest journey into tracing the best materials and ideas that in turn materialize into sleek Tees and sweatshirts, wallet ropes and key holders, helmets, handkerchiefs, helmet stickers, shopping bags and patches for a "TRI effect," and other innovative paraphernalia for the intellectual female and male lovers of the paths, avenues, and highways of life. Caught up in the two-wheeled emblem of the vintage motorcycle, an enterprising duo of graphic designers transformed their own vision of what constitutes the lifestyle of a sophisticated rover "of many ways" into a creative business project involving among other things,  silk printing techniques, an environment-friendly concept and an ethics of pursuing the dream and making it "real," hence The Real Intellectuals:

"Everything is a hint for brainstorming, anything we experience reflects on our creativity. An adventurous bike road trip with your friends, the wind blowing to your face while riding, the gorgeous landscapes you can come across, an unexpected sleepover in nature, the exceptional designs of vintage and custom made motorcycles, the sound they make. Do you need a ride?
The whole process is an ode to artisan craftsmanship: our atelier is our playground: first we design the illustrations and this is the most exciting part: sketching, drawing, printing, redesigning until we are completely satisfied. Then, using the amazing silk printing technique, we apply the illustration on each item separately. We apply a multi stages artisan task until water based colors form what we have in mind."

Proudly sporting my new TRI granite sweatshirt bearing the signature illustration "Ath-Greece" on the front, I roamed along the coastline of county Clare in Ireland, only a couple of days ago. Unbearably soft and elegant, made of 100% organic Indian cotton, cut  and sewn to perfection, the "simple authenticity" of the bird illustration printed on the front below the signifier of my nostalgia, brought omens of inspiration and admiration to me from home and gazes galore at the exotic "bird" of street style: "I love your top!, a fellow American diner at the Irish sea-food pub exclaimed. And I replied by revealing details of my sartorial acquisition.

Reminiscent of a primitive engraving you could trace on an archaic pelike at a museum in the Greek antiquities section, the "earthpositive" sweatshirt, manufactured in Greece solely using renewable green energy from wind and solar power, transported a bit of "home" to the Odyssean rover roaming the roads far away. And I do not even own a motorbike.

You can adopt the amazing TRI finesse here.

And read my favourite "motorbike" poem here:

Our Motorbike

rocket water
wooden moon on the roof
                                    signs of night &
                                    the red motorbike's
                                    bleeding muscle
                                    fleshed stalk dripping
                                    and overgrowing our evening
                                    it too
                                    a sign of darkness
a leek's fat body
the red motorbike
our night fire
ravishment of chrome

our red motorbike glazed
with henna and betel it squirts
salmon  juice between the dark
of our thighs it sprouts
and shouts at the bar
                                    it wears a portion of
                                    evening in its eye
                                    it sloughs off sleep like
                                    the bushes drop resin &
our rags dip purring in
even redder roar
our muscles softly skip sweet
sweat flickers we polish
carefully &
assiduously our eyes are perched
on steel antennae surely there is
nothing redder than our motorbike
                                    we will live on it
                                    our red tent
                                    dig our claws into
                                    its heart cherries meat it
                                    shouts out
                                    spittle rip
                                    the juice instructs
                                    the eyes
                                    in the language of iron

the red night squats
pressed against our motorbike

we ride hunting little girls
in the wooden sky.