Thursday, May 02, 2013

Real people's portraits.

It is only a matter of time before a brand new "soul-sister" website to the BabogMoro blog is launched: bearing a new title and featuring photos and interviews from the lives and work of creative people from Greece, Ireland and the world at large, readers will have the opportunity to get a glimpse into the private abodes of real people. 

In the inaugural portrait, a musician based in the west of Ireland talks about his bands, Athens, country living, his German roots, the Irish punk scene, forestry, hunting, and fine whiskey.

With you shortly.

Karagiozis in Ireland

Να ’χα δυο τσουβάλια μήλα
μια τηγανητή γκαμήλα
καναδυό ελεφαντάκια
να τα έκανα σουβλάκια

Ντρίγκι-ντράγκα ντρίγκι-ντράγκα
όλο δίφραγκα και φράγκα
ντρίγκι-ντράγκα ντρίγκι-ντράγκα
γεια σου, Καραγκιόζη μάγκα
- τραγουδάει ο Θέμης Ανδρεάδης 

Suspended in front of the window overlooking a vast green field crowded with cows and horses in the afternoon, shadowed by passing clouds traveling west, Karagiozis and his youngest son Bitsikokos adorn my daughter's room. A journey from Asia Minor to Ireland via Athens.

Have a great Easter!

We will celebrate it with the Hellenic community of Ireland in Dublin: the Vespers of Agapi, and a barbeque Greek-style. Stay tuned for photos from the celebrations.

Καλό Πάσχα!