Wednesday, March 07, 2012


I took these shots of a brother and a sister swimming in the pool from my hotel room in Sydney. They remind me of the strong bond I share with my own brother and how much I yearn for the days of our childhood. This one is for you M.

It would be good to give much thought, before
you try to find words for something so lost,
for those long childhood afternoons you knew
that vanished so completely -and why?

We're still reminded-: sometimes by a rain,
but we can no longer say what it means;
life was never again so filled with meeting,
with reunion and with passing on

as back then, when nothing happened to us
except what happens to things and creatures:
we lived their world as something human,
and became filled to the brim with figures.

And became as lonely as a sheperd
and as overburdened by vast distances,
and summoned and stirred as from far away,
and slowly, like a long new thread,
introduced into that picture-sequence
where now having to go on bewilders us.

Rainer Maria Rilke 



  1. truly amazing pictures :) i am missing summer so much just by looking at them.

  2. thank you so much nileta, these kind words coming from a person as talented as you are a gift, καλημέρα.